Dominika Zuchewicz



I live in Scotland for quite some time already. At first, Uni in Poland, first job, then another and another...But something there was missing. So, when my friends throwed an idea - Let's go and see the Fringe! -  I booked a flight without hesitation.


Here, in Scotland, I creashed into someting most immigrants do - tough reality. Landlords, agencies, bank accounts, new rules, laws, new people - and I'm here, alone! Luckly for me - I met people here, mostly complete strangers, who pointed in the right direction - few years ago, in Edinburgh, where I've started to fall in love with Scotland. 


Today it is me, who shows others the way. It's my time to pay off the debt. I visit lonely people in hospitals, translate and interpretate for the Police, write letters, support in official contacts, monitor correspondence with Councils, help with job interviews, guide and advise in personal decisions.


If you need suppert - have a problem you think you cannot handle - call me. Nothing is too difficult, if you split it in two!